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ahhhh, staycations.  you just need them once in awhile, right?!!  get some relaxation time in.  get some stuff done.  catch up on some sleep.  i love going places {who doesn’t?!} but time at home is always nice {although a nice tan would be a bonus right about now}.

i was excited to meet up with dana the other day.  we both had that day where errands ruled over us like an iron fist.  getting stuff done was priority but our end goal was to meet up for dinner.  success!

after i drove all over chicago {it was one of those days where i put off getting the little stuff done + that little stuff ended up like a treasure hunt around the city!}.  i finally headed home to get some more stuff done, like crafty fun stuff!  yay!

dana was finally on her way to my part of town. we decided to meet at a new taco place called takito.  i was stoked to try this place, it just opened near the end of march.  very cool interior, cozy and warm.  it was interesting to have the bar completely open…no table or slab separating the patrons and bartenders.


[perusing some future deliciousness]

we were seated and started to peruse the menu.  the waiter told us how they served their food, everything is to share, all their items are made from scratch…seasonal, fresh local ingredients.  we started with the avocado pine nut puree with the house made corn flatbread.  it was delicious and different.  a very smooth texture that mixed well with the hearty, sweet flatbread.



we then ordered the beef barbacoa {queso fresco, tamarind, chayote, + chile pequin} and grilled brunkow cheese {morita salsa, chayote, kale, peanuts, + date chutney} tacos with a side of roasted cauliflower {pickle squash pepian, fresh mozzarella, + pumpkin seeds}.  all so delish!  the only thing i cannot consume is cilantro…yes, cilantro.  i have the most open palate, really i do, i will eat anything buuuutttt no cilantro!!!!!  we contemplated ordering more {bigger tastebuds than tummy space!} but kaboshed that idea quickly after eating because we were soooooo stuffed!


[beef barbacoa]

after dinner, we strolled back to my place and had a girly movie night all snuggled up on the couch!  romantic wedding movie, after romantic wedding movie we watched!  pepper in some ice cream eating and i’d call that a good night!




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