love bun rieu

sometimes you just crave some home cooking.  when it comes to my mom’s cooking, it is hands down the best!  it was on my agenda to come home to visit mes parents but i was super excited to find out my mom was cooking bun rieu!!!  i love, love bun rieu!



it’s chock full of flavor.  my mom sautéed the tomatoes {it’s hidden in her homemade broth…they were flavorful but i piled too much stuff on top of the noodles to see it in my bowl!}, she makes her own shrimp paste, it’s mixed with thick rice noodles, tofu, crab meatballs made from scratch, i added in shredded cabbage, sliced green onions, fish sauce, sriracha, red pepper flakes…oh em gee!

i couldn’t wait to eat.  it is so amazingly delicious!

she is the best cook ever.  amen.

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