spring is finally peeking it’s way through!

today was the first day i was able to actually enjoy the warmer weather!  it was great to be able to be outside without a jacket, the sun shining on your skin, your car window rolled down, the wind blowing in your hair without actually freezing your skin {woo wee}!

i was so happy to be walking down the city streets, basking in the sunlight as i listened to some great tunes.  not rushing from store to store to get out of the cold {phew!}.

people just seem to be in a better mood.  lighter on their feet.  smiles on their faces.  ahhhhh.  i can’t wait for more consistent warm weather.  this is when the city really comes to life.  chicago in the summertime is just the best.

i love eating al fresco, listening to the hum of the city, people watching {who doesn’t love people watching?!}.  i love all the festivals that happen every weekend.  i love sitting on the front step and just chilling.  i love getting gelato, with hubby charming, at our local shop and walking home while eating it.  honestly, my most favorite thing is traipsing around our neighborhood with my hubby…it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are outside enjoying the weather and having fun together.  that’s what i love most about living in the city.   there is always something to do!

yikes!  i’m just so excited for spring + summer!  a little taste of warm weather makes me want to bite off a chunk of it, more than i can chew!  nom nom nom.

i hope everyone is enjoying the warm temps just as much as i am!  get out and go walking!  watch the flowers bloom, listen to the birds sing, and soak in some sunshine!  vitamin d is good for you!




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