summery lazy day

 it was a warm, gorgeous day out. this day was a day where we had a chance to run errands, relax, and slow down. it was a perfect weather day for a ride around town in the jeep! we had a whirlwind of the past few days and we wanted to take advantage of this day together to get some things accomplished around the house.

first things first, we needed to fill our empty bellies up with some food. we opted to try a brunch place in downtown dg. we chose this place because they had outdoor seating and it was a great day to eat alfresco. honestly…i don’t even remember the name of the restaurant. i am sure i will cross paths with it again, but today it will go nameless. ha!

after brunch, we headed out to a few stores. we desperately needed to buy tile. we have been in the process of remodeling our hallway and our goal to get it done is in a few weeks. we shopped a few tile stores and haven’t loved anything. so, we finally hit one more destination and hc really liked a style and color there. i trust his judgements and taste and i, actually, didn’t immediately reject it, so we moved forward with his choice.

i’m quick to say no. when we have looked at tile in the past {or anything for that matter}, i innately know whether i like it or not. there’s no hemming and hawing. i’m good like that, at least when it comes down to something personal.


[she’s more interested in the make up brush]


[my cutie and that bruise on her forehead…she tripped and directly hit her head onto my parent’s glass top table. poor babe.]


[brunch time // i didn’t even realize i was so cubbie’d out…i’m more festive, casually throwing things together than i was for cubs family day!]


[her new thing, folding her arms]


[my silly girl // tank by plucky mustard // shorts by salty kids]

after we hit a few stores and got things accomplished, we headed back home to do more stuff around the house. oh, the joys of being an adult, being a parent, and being a homeowner. it’s non-stop responsibilities and fun! and yes, it is fun {at times}…haha. depending on the day and the task.

well, one thing i can definitely say with conviction is – i can’t wait until our hallway is dunzo! woo hoo!


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