flashback friday

today takes us back to easter 2009 {ahhh, to be almost five years younger would be fantastic, but not less the wiser!}. hc and i had just started dating {five months prior} and kim was pregnant with little bennett. hc and i had just come back from vegas, hence the über tan i got going on {i love me a good tan but totally dislike the aging results…*sigh*}. we all had a lovely morning brunch at bin 36, a place we celebrated past easters at a few years in a row. the tradition still continues for us but at different food locales of choice.

look at us! i feel like we look the same {wishful thinking?} but different. not older but just altered styling {am i trying to say we look dated?}. ya know what i mean?!

i love hanging out with the fam. there’s nothing more comforting, relaxing, fun, and amusing than family itself.

doesn’t little r look so cute in his dapper outfit {what a handsome dude}? cheers to fun family get togethers!

via tandeminlove.com

[just missing mr. huy]

happy friday y’all!


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