lunch date with a cute boy

i had a lunch date with a cute boy!  his name is brady and he was so adorable!

i was excited to have plans with kim!  she went out earlier than expected {pregnancy can be so unpredictable!}, so i was totally missing her!  we talked practically everyday and so it’s been different not having her around all the time!  although, on the flip side, she is totally enjoying being a mommy!  i’m so happy for her & mikey…little brady is so cute!  he does look so much like his dad!

we met up in schaumvegas for lunch.  it was so much fun!  it was great catching up and seeing cute little brady sleep.  i still can’t believe she’s a mommy!  being able to be by her side throughout her pregnancy, it’s amazing to see lil’ brady as a little person.  oh, there was so much to talk about!  time was just flying by!  before we knew it, we had to part ways {bummer}!


[kim + my 7 month bump!]


[sweet brady]

our time together was fabulous!  until next time!


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