happy anniversary

it was our two year anniversary!  my how time flies and how things change {aka having a baby!}.

we started our day with a delicious brunch at bite cafe.  very yummy.  i just wanted some good old fashioned breakfast goodies.  we had a very relaxing morning…chill & calm.

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[anniversary breakfast]

we headed back to our place {it’s just around the corner from bite} and rested for the afternoon.  we logged onto the computer, we watched some t.v., we chillaxed our time away.  before we knew it, it was time to get ready and i couldn’t get off the computer!  ya know, pinning can be addictive!  hc kept nudging me to get ready but i had a plan…i knew i could whip myself together in 15 minutes {noooo problem!}.  so there ya go, i jumped off the computer, freshened up the face, threw on the dress, and voila!  i was ready!  hc was doubtful of me, he really thought i wasn’t going to put in any effort for our anniversary night out!  ha!

we headed to boka, a michelin star restaurant, for a lovely evening of noshing and imbibing.  it was calm and serene inside.  we were greeted with a “happy anniversary” welcome by the hostess.  we were seated at the corner table {a favorite of mine in any resutarant}.  who doesn’t love the best seat in the house?!

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[at boka!]

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we ordered drinks {my mocktail was concocted by the bartender through my request of having something fruity!} and perused the menu to determine what were we going to eat at this fabulous place!  once our orders were placed, we dived deep into our conversations and really enjoyed ourselves on our special night.

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[ready to order]

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[complimentary sweets]

it was a perfect day and a perfect end to our two year anniversary celebration.  we can’t wait to celebrate next year with our little one in our lives!


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