saturday outing

it’s very, very rare i get a saturday off.  i typically have to request it off and it’s usually because i have something planned.  well, lo and behold i had a saturday off without asking for it!!!  no complaints from me!

the day started off with lunch with the sista, thuy.  i cabbed it to gt  fish & oyster to meet her for a breezy, sunny morning fare.  we sat outside on this beautiful day, it was so lovely out.  sunny, warm, and the perfect temperature!

she ordered a mimosa and i ordered a tasty lemonade.  we perused the menu and quickly settled upon our choices.  we were going to share some delicious country potatoes; thuy ordered the pancakes {apples and burton’s maplewood syrup} and i ordered the grilled cheese with tomato soup {sourdough bread and wisconsin cheddar cheese}!


[soooo good!]

after devouring our good eats, we traipsed our way downtown to go shopping.  we spent the afternoon just lazily walking around and enjoying our time in each shop.  we could literally shop for hours upon hours {no joke, we once spent 12 hours shopping one day…it was the holidays folks!}.

we walked up and down michigan ave., after spending 4 hours shopping dt, we were dunzo {temporarily}, well, done with our most favorite stores!  we then headed on way home!

it was a fabulous saturday outing!  what a great way to spend the afternoon.

say you are my sister, that it may go well with me because of you, and that my life may be spared for your sake.  genesis 12:13


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