lazy pool day

we love our lazy pool days! although the weather hasn’t been on our side the last week or so. any day i had available to go to the pool, it rained or it was too cold. what?! such a bummer!

so, we finally had a beautiful day and off we went! we got ready in the morning, sprayed on copious amounts of sunblock, and packed up our things! the pool was full but not crowded. we headed to our favorite kiddie pool {the one and only!} and the girls got right in. there were a few kids in the pool and olive was scouting out some new friends. once it hit noon, a huge group of women in this area, with their kiddos, all left to have lunch. the kiddie pool pretty much cleared out and olive was so bummed. my girls and maybe one other kid was in the pool and olive wanted to go home. whaaaaa?

she seemed a bit sad all the kids left but i couldn’t seem to convince her that it was only temporary and that they were all coming back after they ate. well, she wasn’t buying it and i was indifferent, so we gathered our belongings and left. as we drove away, hc drove right by us!! oh em gee! first, what was he doing home? and second, we had to convince olive to go back.

it didn’t take much for us to say to her to change her mind, and ta da – we headed back to the pool with hc! yayyyyyyy! we chilled {with tasty libations hc concocted} and olive met another friend and was having the best time! ellie just moseyed around in the pool, doing her own thing.

we then walked over to the food area and ordered lunch. then the funniest thing happened. while ellie was sitting next to me, enjoying her food, she proceeded to pee the biggest puddle on the bench. whatever…they clean it anyways, she was soaked from the water, and we were at the pool! i was dying. ellie stopped eating, looked down at the puddle, and then continued to finish her food. hahahaha!

the rest of our pool time and afternoon was so relaxing and splendid! it was such a wonderful surprise to see hc and have him spend the rest of the day with us. it was the best kind of lazy pool day!


[on our way!]



[she’s so silly]


[snack time]


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