hello olive

so i thought i’d interview miss olive and ask her a few questions.

i wanted to capture her innocence and sweet personality. i wanted to freeze a brief moment in her, well, our lives. i want to remember her clearly at this age. 4 years and almost 6 months.

she’s grown so much in the last year but lately, each week, each month she grows exponentially. i am surprised and pleasantly shocked at her thought process. her maturity. her emotions. her loving and caring nature. this girl is soooo utterly emotional and sensitive. she can crumble easily but forgives instantly. thank God because i always need to be forgiven. i am too temperamental and rash, i am alway kicking myself for getting too heated but this amazing soul, we call olive, always comes back to this bear of a mother and forgives. she turns my heart into a puddle and my love for her is indescribable and so big, it’s beyond words.

she listens and is so compliant. i am amazed by her inherent abilities to flex with her environment and other people’s personalities. she dotes on her little sister ellie. she is so patient. she is kind. she has a memory like her mama – sharp and clear. her social skills have blossomed so much over thee past few months and i am amazed every time i see her so talkative and receptive to others that she might not know as well.

my ‘interview’ was short and sweet. so, i asked her a few simple questions:

kiki: what’s your favorite color?

olive: purple!

kiki: what’s your favorite thing to do with kiki?

olive: play with a tea party {which we did after this interview!} with my dollies

kiki: what else do like to do with kiki?

olive: to decorate the house

kiki: what’s your favorite food?

olive: hot dogs!

kiki: is there another favorite food?

olive: pancakes!

kiki: who’s your best friend?

olive: grace

kiki: what is your favorite toy?

olive: my dollies for a picnic; bunny unicorn and rockstar

kiki: what is your favorite holiday

olive: shopping

kiki: olive:

kiki: what’s your favorite dessert?

olive: a pancake!

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[a 24 hour old olive]

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[the only time she took a paci…after that, it was history]

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[her sweet baptism]

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[ten months old]

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[first birthday]

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[two years old]

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[four years old]

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[my sweet baby]


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