good and sad

my last night {boo}, for awhile, with the wonderful miss olivia.  it was a last minute gathering that turned out so perfect {yay!}.  we discussed, at our last dinner, about going to the tasting room, a favorite of mine and caitlin’s.  o has never been there, so we thought it would be fun to go there this past week.  we left it in the air on whether or not we would go and everything fell into place for us to have dinner together!

the weather was great and the parking was easy.  we got there and soon after, caitlin, claire, and kelly joined us.

we started with a few bottles of wine…um, it was half price night {score!}.  we ordered the spanish platter, a baked brie plate, and the madeira mushrooms to start.  it was all so delicious!  i loved all the flavors.  the nibbling.  the tasting.  the trying of new flavors.

we conversed, drank, ate, and giggled.  it was a really fun time.  after experimenting and devouring our ordered samplings, we decided we wanted more!  we then ordered the truffle bruschetta {oh em gee!}, and more samples of cheeses.  the bruschetta was soooooo delicious!  it was like eating little bites of heaven!





[cabs + shirah’s // me + o // the menu // the amaze bruschetta]

after several hours there, we finally parted ways.  it was sooo bittersweet.  this truly was the last time i would see miss olivia for at least a few months.  we said our goodbyes to the girls and we hopped into her car.  she drove me home, as per our mantra…we sat in the car and talked for another good, solid hour!  it was a good and sad conversation.  a colloquy that had to be had.

 i will miss you immensely, i will miss our hours long lunches/dinner, i will miss your animated stories, i will miss your presence, i will miss your hugs, and i hope that you return home soon.


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