sparkler lit tiramisu

happy birthday o!

i was able to celebrate olivia’s birthday the other night!  it was bittersweet due to the fact that she is moving away to the sunshine state {insert sad face}.  it was one of my last nights with her here in chicago for awhile…until she comes back or until i visit!

it was the freakiest weather when i left my place!  snowflakes the size of quarters were falling down and the wind was so strong {hello, it’s almost may}!  i was in disbelief!  i was walking to the restaurant…darn it!  i was going to be drenched in wet snow!  as i sashayed my way down the street, i was dreading the very short walk.  then, as i crossed a street, barely three blocks into my parade, the snow literally stopped.  quite an enigma.  i mean, one moment it was heavily snowing and the next second…nothing was in the air!!!!  what an anomaly to experience!  it was like i stepped into another dimension!  phew!  i was glad it stopped…saved me from looking like a drowned rat when i arrived at the restaurant!

it was a full house.  we were packed in like sardines.  we started with apps and a bottle of wine.  our server was quite interesting…he brought the bottle of wine over for me to taste, poured the girls each a glass {mind you, it was the messiest pour i had ever seen at a restaurant!}, and then never poured my glass!  hello?!  i prefer a fuller glass of wine!  not just a tasting!  hmph.

we ate our food and relished in each other’s company on this typical, crazy chicago weather night.  our server did know it was olivia’s birthday but we were taken by surprise when he came out with a sparkler lit tiramisu cake!  i was so surprised that i forgot to snap a picture of the lovely o {shucks!}.


[caitlin, o, + moi]


[happy birthday!]


[here’s a photo of the ‘cake’ i never took .. looks pretty similar 😉 ]

anyhoo, it was a fun, cozy night to celebrate the ever youthful liv.  i hope your day is full of love, happiness, and fun!  happy beurffday girl!


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