we’re pregnant!!

happy new year indeed! eep! we are pregnant!!

yesssss! baby heintz is due this year in july! we are over the moon about this! after months and months of nursing olive {almost 20 months}, we have finally gotten pregnant! we are pretty fortunate and lucky to {once the nursing stopped} have gotten pregnant so quickly. as usual, i was a bit nervous it wouldn’t be as easy as it was with olive {i’m no spring chicken} but alas, God has blessed us again. as any parent would, i pray for a healthy baby!

as for wanting a boy or a girl? it’s the current great debate but i secretly {ok, it’s not a secret} want a baby girl. i looooooooove having olive as a daughter and i love the idea of sisters. sisters are the best. it’s such an amazing bond and i’d be quite content if we were to have another girl. now everyone else is saying boy or wants a boy. naturally when you have a girl, peeps always say they want a boy or would prefer to have one of each. of course, having a boy would be fantastic…i pray for healthy always, but i wouldn’t be disappointed at all. don’t get me wrong! before olive, i always wanted a boy but i got pregnant with a girl. i was like, meh…a girl? but look at me now!

a big thank you to my brother who was able to snap a few photos of us for this special occasion. when i was pregnant with olive, we were lucky enough to announce it on mother’s day and this time around, we were so blessed to tell our families on christmas day and officially announce it on new year’s day!

goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, already filled with so many blessings! it’s going to be a fabulous year indeed!

via tandeminlove.com

via tandeminlove.com

[photss: by huy doan huyfoto.com]


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