flashback friday

today takes us back to…2013.

no, this isn’t from that long ago but a fabulous blast from the past {if i do say so myself}. this was taken at hc’s big birthday party that i threw him. it was at a bar in chicago, in wicker park…right down the street from us. a perfect walk home {a necessity if you’ve been drinking…but we don’t drink 😉 haha!}.

i had the best time planning this event. i wanted to incorporate everything ‘him’. i purchased fun balloons & tissue tassels. i made menus and favors {all candies from his birth year}. i had the bakery {from across the street…alliance bakery} make him a pabst blue ribbon beer cake! it was ah-maze. a very, very good time. you can check out the post here.

well, of course, we had invited friends and family to help us celebrate his big birthday! it was pretty awesome to have a big group of people join in on such a fun event. i was pretty grateful that so many people had made the trip into the city to celebrate {some peeps don’t live so close!}.

here is a pic of me and my sisters with our childhood friend, lan. i love this photo because it’s impromptu, it’s cute {um, we’re cute}, and we are genuinely happy! there is something special about this picture that makes me smile just by looking at it. it’s so crazy to think that we are sisters and yet soooooo different. whether it be by style, personality, humor, or looks. it’s pretty amazing that we all came from the same two parents but yet we are all so unique and quirky in our own way. it totally makes me think about nature vs. nurture…how it leads you down the path that you are on, to be who you are.

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[at hc’s big 4-0 birthday bash]

okay, enough deep thoughts…it was a grand ol’ time! we had the best time celebrating his big birthday with a fantastic party, with the most fabulous friends and family! muwah!


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