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ever since olivia has moved back home from florida {almost a year ago}…our schedules are so off that we never really get to see each other. i totally miss our hang time. we used to get together for lunches/dinners/whatevs all the time. practically living side by side in chicago, it was soooo easy to meet up. we love our gab sessions. we are two gals who can talk and talk and talk. sometimes we get kicked out of restaurants, well not really but we do shut some places down sometimes. hmmmm, that seems to be the case with a lot of my friends {matt? ande?}. we can sit there and gab and gab; we can then slowly feel the stares of the restaurant workers on our backs…usually a hint to us that it is time to leave and gab somewhere else.

anyhoozle, i was sitting around {or not} and thinking about how i have missed my girl time with this lovely lady. as she was moving back into chicago, my family was moving just outside of it. so, that convenience was eliminated. her job became a monday through friday thing, so our schedules never coordinated. i then realized that her job wasn’t too far from where we live and i was sure she had a decent lunch break time everyday, so i texted her to figure it out. voila! we can get back to our regularly scheduled program. yeeeaahhhh boy!

i picked liv up at her work spot and we decided to go to a place called roti. now please understand that where she works is smack dab in the middle of suburbia land and the restaurants all around are just chain restaurants. what you say? what is wrong with chain restaurants? well, one…i’m not a fan. yes call me a snob. go ahead. i’ll call myself one. i’d rather drive into the city and eat out there then eat out in the ‘burbs. it’s just not my thing. um, that is one reason why i pitched a fit at the idea of moving out to the ‘burbs. don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of independent, fabulous restaurants in the ‘burbs that i will go to. fer shizzle. but that doesn’t hold a candle to the city {duh}. soooooo, {sorry for the tangent}, long story – that is why and that is probably going to be the case, on why we will probably always eat at some typical chain restaurant when we meet up for lunch go forward.

so, here we are: enjoying a good meal at this mediterranean spot. i actually left little miss olive behind because it’s been awhile since olivia and i have had some one on one girl time without the babes. it was pretty awesome to be able to complete my sentences and finish my stories without distractions! although she was greatly missed, olivia is soooo good with olive and of course she adores her!

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after an hour of gabbing {which was waaaayyy too short}, i dropped miss olivia back at her office {we also did our typical – sit in the car for another 10 mins /sometimes it’s been an hour/ and gab thingy}. it was fantastic to have met up and catch up. i love this girl. i can’t wait for more lunch dates with her and olive!


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