curious cupcake

the other night, my famille was over just to hang out. it was a true lazy day for all of us. we ate lunch, chilled, and the kids played together {like little crazy rug rats}. a few hours after lunch, little b wanted cake. chocolate cake to be exact but i didn’t have any to offer. so i decided i would make cupcakes for everyone {little b was just fine with it being vanilla}.

b was so excited. he really wanted to help. he was in the kitchen with me pretty much the whole time. asking me questions about everything! he was most curious on how long everything took. how much longer until the batter is done? how much longer for them to bake? how many more minutes unit they’re done? how many more minutes until they’re done? how many minutes until they are cool? are they still cooling? are they done now? can we frost them now? what about now? hehehehe. too cute…such a kid thing, no?


[helping me line the cupcake tins]


[filling the liners with batter]


[frosting manic!]

so, the cupcakes were finally cool and b frosted them with me! we had a great time frosting and sprinkling each one. i gave him a little spatula knife and he dug his little hand and little knife into the frosting and slowly swirled on bits of frosting onto each cupcake. he did well! he, at first, had a hard time swiveling his wrist back and forth so he could spread the frosting around but with a few tries, he finally got it.



[a little sprinkle never hurts]

we got all the cupcakes covered and sprinkled half of them to dress some of them up. thennnn, it was time to gobble them up! r, b, me, and thuy each had ourselves a sweet treat. it was great to have made cupcakes with my darling little nephew b. he was the best sous chef evah!


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