mon père

where do i begin?

i love my dad.  so, so, so very much.  the greatest man alive.

growing up, as children, we never realize how much our parent’s do for us.  we never realize the sacrifices they make for us.  you never appreciate it until you get older and your ass gets kicked with reality.

growing up, having 4 other siblings, life was crazy.  we ran amuck.  we relied on each other.  you always had a play partner.  we always fought.  we had fun stay up late nights.  we watched fred astaire and ginger rogers movies.  we played ghost in the graveyard.  we always went to church and we always hung out with family.

my dad is a family man.  he was meant to be a dad.  as a little girl, i grew up obsessed with him.  i still am.  he means the world to me.  he did and has done so much for us.  he instilled in us the mentality, family first.  everything he did was to ensure his family survived, that we were always taken care of.

when he tells me stories of vietnam, i listen in awe of the hardships of the war.  what amazes me is how it just seemed so ‘normal’ to experience such immense, egregious situations.  i look at my dad and cannot even fathom the things that he saw.  when the war ended and the north invaded the south, removing his family from that environment was a duly choice.  my parents fled by a small boat, then an american ship, the day after the fall of saigon.

the amazing stories continue on and on.  their journey to america, country after country with very little personal belongings, no shoes, no food, not much of anything.  my sister, thuy, was only a few months old and kim, just over a year and half old.  crazy, right?!

my love for my dad is immeasurable.  he means the world to me.  he has taught me so much in life {although it took me forever to really listen to him}.  the last couple years have been tough for us and i hope to never have such trying times like that again {everyday i pray for my family’s health}.  there’s always a silver lining and the light at the end of the tunnel {sorry for the cliches but they are fitting!} in every situation.  i cherish every moment we have together and love him more and more everyday {is that possible?  i might burst with so much love!}.  this story does no justice to sum up my emotions and no words can truly describe the love I have for him.

on my way to the p's

on my way to the p’s

knobby knees

knobby knees

eating this since i was a kid

eating this since i was a kid, heeeee

my dad loves talking about cars

my dad loves talking about cars!

 with that, he’s the best dad ever!

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