happy father’s day

happy father’s day to the best dad ever!

i love my dad to bits and i think he’s the most amazing father ever.  his love, care, and guidance were uniquely his own.  growing up, you appreciate the craziness and kookiness your parents can offer.  i don’t think any child realizes that until they are an adult!

my dad, growing up, was warm and loving.  there were days i just loved to curl up on his lap, especially when he came home from work.  it was my favorite time.  he would put his wallet away, change his clothes, make his coffee, sit on the floor, and i would curl up on his lap.  we’d talk about our day or just sit and relax.  he always smelled a little of metal, smoke, and coffee…and that was actually really comforting to me {strange but true}!

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cheers to my dad, to his always unconditional love and support!


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