flashback friday

today takes us back to july 2011.

it was our second bridal shower that summer and it was hosted at dick and jane’s house {held outside in their backyard}. It was sooooo freakin’ hot that day! upper 90’s, sticky, hot, sunny, and humid. you did. not. stop. sweating, even when you sat very, very still. when our guests were arriving, i didn’t even give hugs…i waved at them. um, yeah. no touching when it’s that gross outside.

being engaged was definitely an amazing time in our lives. oh, i could relive these moments over and over. i loved all the joyous, celebratory, fun memories with all our friends and family. i always say it and i’ll say it again…our engagement and our wedding was like a dream come true. i loved every second of it! but i tend to really revel in a lot of things…i am so appreciative of all good things in life!

i absolutely love this picture of us. we were, obviously, being super silly gals in this photo. we love entertaining ourselves by being incredibly goofy when we take pictures. it makes for great laughs when you look back at them. i mean, c’mon. you can only take so many portraits, then you need to get creative to capture some fond, fun memories 😉

via tandeminlove.com

[oh! have some cake my dear!]

[p.s. i was so darn tan and skinny…those were the days!]

well, lovies…create some great memories today! i hope every has a fabulous day and weekend!

happy friday y’all!


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