longest day of the year

summer is here! summer is here!!! yaaaaaayyyyyyy!

via tandeminlove.com

i’m so stoked about warm weather and lazy days. here’s our official must do list for the season…

1. take as many walks as possible

2. go to a carnival

3. eat popsicles outside

4. sit outside and enjoy sunsets

5. go to the pool

6. make ice cream sandwiches

7. attend music in the park

8. classic car shows cruise nights

9. take boat rides & visit friends on the river

10. catch fireflies

11. blow bubbles

12. pick berries at a farm

13. buy ice cream from the ice cream man

14. make s’mores

15. buy fresh produce at the farmer’s market

there ya go my lovies! we are very excited to complete this list over the next few months. it’s going to be a swell time here at the heintz household!

happy summer y’all!


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