pre-passover seder

my dear friend dana and i planned a quick afternoon date.

she is hosting seder this year at her new home, so she’s been working hard and practicing her cooking skills for the upcoming dinner at her place. we felt very honored that dana had invited us to experience seder with her and her family. hc and i are super, super bummed because we can’t go. so sad! it happens to fall on a day that we have a zillion things planned and it cannot be cancelled. boo. we are very sad that we will be missing out this wonderful event. the food sounds delicious…brisket {slow cooked by dana’s dad!}, zeroah {lamb}, matzo, maror {horseradish}, karpas  {vegetable/celery/parsley}, eggs, red wine, & lots of desserts. her friends and family will all be there and we will miss out on this special religious occasion and all the wonderful food!


[olive cried every time dana tried to hold her!!!]

dana trekked on over to our place and toted her homemade matzo ball soup with her so we could taste test her creation. she warmed up the soup on the stove and served me a bowl. i was waiting in anticipation to try it! yum. it was delicious! it was flavorful and filling. the matzo was very dense and had soaked in the broth; with each bite, every mouthful of matzo was tasty and savory. i felt very special to be taste testing her handmade creation for a very important occasion in her life!


[the delicious matzo ball soup {huge matzo!} // so good]

after the matzo ball soup, we noshed on some cubbie donuts. yes, you read that right. cubbie donuts. dunkin donuts partnered with the cubs and created a donut to support their cubs charity! how awesome is that?! i love doughnuts. that was our sweet treat after lunch. they were so scrumptious. every bite was like heaven in my mouth.


[the cubbie donut…only sold in chicago-land dunkin’ donuts, for a limited time, to support the cubs charity!]

after eating, we just hung out and caught up on life’s latest happenings. dana had a jnf meeting to get to mid afternoon, so after hanging out for a bit, she had to go. so sad. olive and i were having a great time with her! well, we were so excited to have tried her matzo ball soup and hc was super excited to have a pot of soup waiting for him at home!

thanks dana darling for stopping by!


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