girl scouts

i was a bit hesitant about enrolling olive into girl scouts for a number of reasons. she was already in ballet, gymnastics, and swim, so the idea of putting another activity onto our plate was overwhelming in thought.

we went to a birthday party {wayyyyyy back in september, when school started} and i met a few moms there who convinced me to enroll olive. they persuaded me by saying it wasn’t a huge commitment, she would only attend a meeting a month and do the fall and spring sales. i was like, ok…we can do that. plus, almost all of olive’s girl classmates were joining and what a great way for her to spend some extra curricular time with them!

well it turned out to be the best decision everrrrrrrr! not only are her troop leaders flippin’ amazing, the subjects they teach and go through are life enhancing. olive has so much fun at the meetings and learns so much.

can you believe i never knew girl scouts had fall sales?! i was clueless, i thought, ‘what the heck do they sell for fall?!’ LOL well, it’s nuts, candies, chocolates, and magazines…amongst other things. you’re always learning something new in life, right?! whether its a big chunk of info or not!

one thing everyone has been waiting for is the cookies sales!! if anyone hears that olive is in girl scouts, they’re like…when are the cookie sales?! LOl soon, soon my fiends!

this new chapter in our lives has been so wonderful. i couldn’t have asked for a better group of people, a better group of kids, and community with our church. i am feeling very grateful, blessed, and loved being surrounded by good souls.

i know, kind of heavy for a girl scouts post but 2019 started out with some trips and falls, filled with anxiety but has rounded out to be such a giving and wisely reflective year.

happy new year my friends!


[playing a game]


[it was a game that focus around honesty]



[in deep thought]


[getting their badges]


[writing her thank you cards for fall orders]



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