dearest dana

happy beurffday dearest dana!!!!


[she had to debut the fry in the picture]

on a warm saturday night, dana’s friends all came together to celebrate a big milestone for miss d!  we hit up the classic fizz bar {her fave place to celebrate!}, dominated the outside garden area, and giggled our way through convos!

i was so excited to see irina and patrick!  they came out for dana’s party and i was so delighted to be able to catch up with them!  she was so thrilled to see that i am pregnant!  we always talked about getting pregnant together, so it was my turn to tease her about it!

after drinks {yum-o lemonade for moi} and a sizable load of fries delivered to my table, the sky opened up and poured on our parade {uck}!  zooomm!  everyone ran for the door to get inside the bar!

once inside, i was able to visit a bit with jacob.  love him!  he surprised dana {he lives in michigan} by showing up unannounced!  what a lovely birthday present!

i had such a great time conversing with everyone.  i actually made it past my bedtime just for dana!  the group was ready to hit another bar, when this old lady decided it was time to go home and hit the bed!

happy day dear friend!  love you!

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