sunny afternoon

it was a perfect day off.

a sunny afternoon and a lunch date with a friend was in order.  i was super excited to meet up with jodi and jett!  we planned a lunch rendezvous at floriole in lincoln park.  it was sunny and beautiful outside and i was itching to sit al fresco, thank goodness they had outdoor seating!

i got there first and i was really, really excited because i hadn’t told jodi, yet, that i’m pregnant!  it was bursting with excitement to tell her!  i saw her strolling up the sidewalk with baby jett and i got up to greet her, we hugged, and sat down {trying to hide my protruding belly}.  we talked about ordering, so jodi got up to peruse the menu and then we both got into line to order.  only a few minutes had gone by before i blurted out, “i’m pregnant!!!!”.  she was so happy!!  i couldn’t contain myself, besides, i was so self conscious about my bump, i know it would have been only a few minutes before she would notice!

she was so ecstatic about the pregnancy!  we sat down, our yummy food came, and we chit chatted non-stop about everything.  it felt so good to be out in the sun too!  after spending quite a bit of time at the restaurant, we decided to traipsed around the neighborhood since it was so nice.  we stopped by a few stores and strolled around the block.  we both had gotten new cars and we wanted to check out our new vehicles!  so we walked to each other’s cars to admire the newness!


[jodi and jett]


[jodi insisted on a picture to show her mom, ann {love ann!!!} and other peeps]

after talking, and talking, and talking, we finally parted ways to go about our merry day!  it was so lovely to see jodi and the babes {he’s so adorable!!!!}.


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