pregnancy journey

well here it goes!!!  the pregnancy journey begins…


[the shocking surprise…the omg stick]


[my first cup o decaffeinated joe, way back in march // bongo room // hubby charming came home the same day i found out!  yay!  we enjoyed a lovely day together in awe!]

i was so apprehensive of the first few months!!  i was a bit afraid.  i only imagined nausea, sickness, vomiting, tiredness, crazy eating…almost all of it’s true!  i thought to myself, how will i hide this from people i know and how will i, especially, hide it from my co-workers?!?!  peeps that see me more than anyone else in my life!

well it was tough.  any pregnancy symptom i read in my book, yup, i got it.  it started with the crazy, i mean acid taking {fact: have never tried acid but i assume that is what it is like when dreaming in pregnancy state}, crazy dreams!  i never remember my dreams but, oh boy, now i do!

then {not for the weak here and it might be tmi}, the headaches {um, i don’t get headaches…yes, it’s true} and the spotting that you get when the egg actually implants onto to your uterus.  yeaaaahhhh, i remember that.  i actually thought it was that time of the month.  not the other way around {hello!}.

you eventually transform into the hungry monster.  i mean, you seriously need to eat every two hours like it’s going out of style.  the hunger pangs and nausea are volatile.  that was the hardest part.  you. want. everything.  all i wanted every morning was a mcdonald’s breakfast sandwich, hash brown, and orange juice.  it was my favorite thing to eat for many a mornings {ooooh, not good on the hips}.

the nausea that plagued me night and day.  that was absolutely no bueno.  it was especially dominant at night.  come 5 pm, it was spinny central.  barf.  it was then compounded by mad hunger, fabulous combo, non?!

ohhhh, the tiredness.  oh em gee.  it feels like you’ve been hit by a mack truck by 7pm!  the night owl in me just vanished!  *poof*  staying up past 10?  uh uh.  no way.  i needed toothpicks to hold up my eyelids that felt like cement.  that was tough.  i think the last time i went to bed before 10 was waaayyy back in elementary school.

aannnddd…the smells!  ugh, everything was intense.  that triggered the nausea {i know i’m selling this pregnancy, huh?  my description will make any women without children totally want to get pregnant 😉  perfumes, food, b.o., anything…the nose filtered it like it was a potent, concentrated fume flowing up my nasal passage.

the one and only thing i didn’t get was the vomiting!  score one for meeee!  yes, thank goodness!  i will take everything else but please, please no vomiting!

as i neared the 12 week mark, all the symptoms have slowly dissipated!  not gone completely but definitely not as intense as they were before!  woo!  thank goodness!

honestly, this is an amazing experience despite all of the above.  it’s a teeny sacrifice to what is to come, a beautiful little baby.  i feel so blessed.  we are very thankful.  this has been a very exciting and happy time for us!  yay!!!


[the little bugger at 8 weeks]


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