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favor bags

you can always be creative with favor bags!  endless amounts of ideas + materials to be able to make such fun, adorable gift packages!  there are so many ways to create the cutest little packaging for those fun, yummy give aways for your guests!  it’s all very simple!

first, it starts with what you will be giving as a favor, once that is settled, you’ll want to tie in the theme of the party.  for my hubby charming’s birthday, i wanted to incorporate the minor gold theme within the decor.

since it was his birthday, i decided to give away candies ‘born’ within his birth decade.  for the packaging, i chose muslin bags.  i bought them in bulk…it saves money and you will probably find another use for them in the future!

i purchased the gold ink and chevron stamp from papersource {use a piece of scrap paper as the base sheet so you don’t stain your table or counter when stamping}.  i hand stamped each favor bag front and back {let it dry for a minute before stamping the other side}.

i purchased grey paper tags from a shop on etsy.  with my stamp from papersource, i used a white based ink pad and stamped the word on one side.  i took a white gel ink pen and traced over the letters to reinforce the color.  on the opposite side, i wrote a little inscription explaining the favors.  i then tied a tag to each favor bag and filled it with the goodies!

 voila!  cute little bags for the parrrtaaayyy!


[muslin bag .. ink pen .. stamps .. gold + white ink pad .. grey paper tag]


[stamp chevron pad with the gold ink]

via[hand stamp both sides]


[ta-da!  gold chevron]


[use the white ink pad to stamp the grey tag]


[trace over the letters with a white gel ink pen]


[tie the tag to the muslin strings .. if you want, you can write an inscription on the other side]


[fill the bag with candies or any goodies you prefer!  i accented the bag with a festive button in honor of hc]

happy crafting lovies!


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