valentine’s day treats

finally, i made valentine’s day treats for my darling nephews!

first, i made s’more packages for them. i created labels on craft paper that said, ‘everyday i love you s’more’. i had purchased hershey’s bars, peeps pink marshmallows hearts, and organic graham crackers for the fun contents inside.

i filled each bag with lip and heart sprinkles {fun element}, placed the ingredients inside, and sealed the bags with the labels. i then placed felt hearts on each label as final touches to the festive packages!  ta-da…valentine’s day s’more treats. a yummy, festive, edible gift anyone would love!


[lovely tasty ingredients]


[voila! final product ]


[awww, everyday i love you s’more too!]

next treat? a box full of goodies! i purchased these precious boxes from the dollar section at target {love that area!}, found a few fun toys to fill the present up with, and stuffed the bottom of the box with soft pink tissue paper to add to the festive packaging. i love all the bright colors and fun patterns.


i filled the colored patterned glassine bags full of conversation hearts and wrapped each bag with twine to seal it shut. each box contained a fuzzy pom alien, a squeeze toy, tattoos {they are nutty about tattoos!}, silly putty, candies {nut free, of course}, and their bag of s’mores!


[aerial view!]

i had so much fun making these little gifts for the boys. it’s always a joy for me to have time to create and get crafty!

i’ll add a few more surprise trinkets and voila! valentine’s day gifts for r + b! yay!

i hope you are scheming up some great ideas for valentine’s day. i have a dozen more creative things i want to do! there’s never enough time in the day or week! whether it’s a yummy dinner recipe, a crafty gift, or a sweet treat surprise! happy day to creativity!


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