time is precious. time is a blessing and an enemy. i love my time with my friends and family. the moments where you get to make and create wonderful memories. the moments where you love where you are, what you’re doing, and savor the minutes, seconds that pass because life is so good. ya know what i mean? like when you are out to dinner somewhere in the city and the food is delicious, the libations are flowing, the conversations are fabulous and you are surrounded by such great people. those are joyous moments in time.

then there are the moments when you wish time would stand still. you look at your children and want them to stay little forever because they are so darn cute, innocent, and sweet. you want to preserve those interactions that are so full of love. when your daughter reaches for you to hold your hand, leans in for unsolicited amounts of kisses, and insists that you cuddle her on the couch.

or…and yes, i will go there; when you want time to freeze because you are getting older. you see your face with a few more wrinkles, lines, and spots. you notice a few more grey hairs. you notice your elbows are a bit more aged and your hands are not so smooth. that is when you want time to slow down and not take such a toll on your physic!

on a glass half full outlook {which i prefer}, time can be against us but really, it is giving us a life full of memories, children who will grow and continue a legacy, time gives you grandchildren whom you will love more than anything, time gives you more of life that you will appreciate and cherish. that’s what i love about the time given to us. what do we do with it and how to do we make the most of it? it’s precious, short, and i appreciate every second i am given.

what evokes these thoughts stem from my awesome new watch from JORD watches. timepieces can be beautiful, beautifully made, and are powerful symbols. i believe those descriptive words fit my gorgeous watch…the wood, the coloring, the craftsmanship. i am so excited to wear this pretty little piece on my wrist and have it remind me of life’s special moments every time i look at it!

when i discovered JORD watches…i thought about how all these beautiful timepieces would also make great gifts! a very unique gift for that special someone. i know, i know…it’s only august, almost september, but christmas will be here before you know it and we all know what it is like to try to buy for someone in your life where you feel like they have everything!  JORD has women and men’s watches {click on the links to see!}…so you will find something special and unique for anyone on your list!

i love my watch for many reasons…it’s aesthetically pleasing through the color, the face, and the design. it’s such a unique women’s wooden watch and i love that it runs on automatic movement! i am excited to have discovered this brand because i now have unique gift ideas for upcoming special occasions or gifts for this holiday season…especially for those who you think might have everything! these watches will be a perfect gift!

so here’s even better news!! i have partnered with JORD watches to give away some shop credits {contest runs from 8.23.16 – 9.18.16}! a $75 voucher and $20 e-gift cards that expire 1/1/17…plenty of time to use to either treat yourself or someone special in your life! it’s simple and easy, just click on the link below!

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via tandeminlove.com


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