baby wants

with the new babes coming here soon {i can’t believe it!}, there are a few things i really have my eye on! some decor, some lifestyle, and some necessities! we are decorating her room in monochrome colors with pops of light whimsical tones and i am super excited to get started! hc is prepping her room right now and by next week, i will be able to get things together! my goal is to finalize olive’s room {with her big girl bed} and finish decorating the nursery, get her going home outfit together and then i should be set {or i like to think so…hahaha}.


bassinet banner: hooray everyday

felt flower garland: fancy free finery

teether: sophie the giraffe

stroller: gb pockit stroller

stuffed animals: pottery barn kids

portable crib: dock a tot

i just ordered this lovely, whimsical bassinet mini banner for our babes {no, this is not her name!} for her first day in this world. we will use it for pics at the hospital and possibly her newborn pics a few days later! after that, i will hang it in her room!

i love these felt flower garlands! so fun and pretty! i want to get one to hang in her room to soften up the strong colors we will decorate her room in! i think it will be the perfect touch and add some prettiness!

i would have passed down sophie to our new babes if we didn’t lose it in the city! right at the tail end of when olive was starting to lose interest in sophie, we lost it while we were walking around in river north with a friend. such a bummer! olive really did love it and it was of great use; for her teething moments, it kept her entertained, and sophie was her bestie for many months! so, i hope to get another one for her baby sister!

hc is totally digging this stroller! it’s tooted as the world’s most compact, smallest stroller out there! i only know a few details about it but hc is most excited over this item! i know that it can fit into your backpack and, obviously, it’s a perfect item to travel with, plus it’s not too shabby looking!

i love these little stuffed animals from pottery barn kids! it’s a perfect decor item for the babe’s new room! i am not into a ton of stuffed animals but i love cute, whimsy items such as these that just add a bit of fun to her room and gives a bit of pizazz to the decor!

so, the new rage is this dock a tot. i have only heard amazing reviews about it. it’s convenient, it’s an all in one baby lounger, it’s a portable bassinet/crib, great for co-sleeping, and it’s super snuggly {100% breathable materials} for the new babes! i am really interested and hoping we can get this before the babes is here!


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