happy thanksgiving y’all!


i am thankful for so much. my heart is full because i am truly blessed and grateful for all the goodness that surrounds me.

i am thankful for…

my health. my family’s health. the same for our siblings and our parents who mean the world to us.

for my hubby charming who is patient, kind, loving, sweet, understanding, and a person who definitely puts up with my crap. and i like to shovel a lot in his direction. hahahaha! this life of ours would not be without his generosity, graciousness, and dedication to our marriage and our family life. he is the best partner i could ever ask for. life without him would never be complete.

for olive. the gift that keeps on giving. she is amazing, smart, funny, joyful, quirky, hilarious, stubborn, bossy, delightful, beautiful, loving, sweet, affectionate…and so many more of everything good in this world. she is the light of our lives and i never imagined such joy until she came into it. her mere presence melts my heart, my soul, my being. i am so utterly grateful to be blessed with this beautiful little girl.

for my family. through thick and thin, we will always stand by each other. life can bring many ups and downs but family always stays together, supports one another, and loves each other no matter what, my dad taught me that. he’s always been a strong force in how we should treat each other. he taught me that my mom, dad, and my siblings will always stand by my side when i feel most alone.

for my house, our beautiful shelter that we call home. we’ve created a wonderful environment that is cozy, comfy, and a sweet place where we create so many fabulous memories. i am grateful that we have a place to call home for miss olive, a place where she’s going to grow up in and have so many fun, fond stories to share with her own kids.

i am so thankful for sooooo many joyful things in my life. i appreciate the little things in life. like olive’s giggles and hugs. coming home to my hc and olive. having days where we can just hang out and relax. eating a delicious meal together. my glass is always half full and i couldn’t see it any other way.

happy thanksgiving everyone!


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