first dentist appointment

little miss olive had her first dentist appointment! i was a bit nervous for her check up because she she doesn’t like anyone she doesn’t know getting too close to her. so i was a bit trepid over it all.

we arrived at the office right on time {whaaaaa?? who me, on time?!}. olive immediately took to the play area while we waited to be called in. we put together a few puzzle pieces on the tiny table and then it was time. we walked all the way down the hallway to the last room. we sat on the chair together while the assistant asked me several questions about olive’s diet and teeth. after the questions, she put on a mask and gloves and that in itself freaked olive out. as the assistant moved closer…it was a total meltdown.

i had to hold olive down and put her head in the assistant’s lap so she could examine her teeth. it was so heartbreaking. olive kept screaming, “no, no, noooo, no, noooo!”. awwwwww, my poor babe. after a minute or so, she was done and gave me some feedback and then went to summon the dentist. she did warn the dentist that olive has ‘some lungs’ on her! hahaha!

dr. albert came in and was so kind and sweet. she was wonderful with olive and very attentive and detailed. she quickly examined olive’s mouth and teeth and shared insights on olive’s teeth situation {she has a few crooked teeth}. it was informative and great to talk with her!

overall, it was a successful visit. olive was a trooper and championed her first visit to the dentist! she walked away with some goodies {sugar free lollipop, floss, and a new toothbrush!}. yay!


[she took to the play area right away!]




[waiting for the dentist!]


[ooohhhhhhh, she was not happy]

it was a great visit overall! we love the place for it’s cool decor, super friendly staff, and sweet dr. albert! here’s to another great visit in six months!


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