don’t be mundane

sometimes work clothes, for me, can be so mundane.  my utilitarian uniform is your basic black.  for some, it’s their staple color; for me it’s sooooo boring.  i know it’s a classic, stylish choice {i do think black can be so sophisticated} but when it’s a forced everyday option, it can be quite trite versus putting in the effort to be creative.  i try at times but usually fail.  i was particularly loving this shirt.  i don’t wear it often but when i put it on today {i usually don’t wear flow-y type tops}, i was feeling like it was going to be a good day!  throw on an accessory and bam! you’ve got yourself an outfit.


 so, at the end of the day…it was a great day.  thanks to my nifty, flow-y top and necklace.  sometimes, it’s the little things, huh?  you made me feel a bit more chic today, merci.


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