paper rosettes

so, olive’s first birthday is coming up…and i have been a mad women preparing for it {brainstorming months in advance}. it’s oooohhhhh so much going on, with her birthday party planning and prepping, thanksgiving coming up, we need to decorate for christmas, and get some holiday shopping done! i must admit…it’s been a bit overwhelming.

to top it all off, we are hosting the party at our house and we needed to get soooo much stuff done internally. hc was in the middle of remodeling our bathroom, we needed to buy a bunch of supplies for the party, we had to organize the basement {of course, it’s on our list to remodel…well, basically the entire house}, and execute a lot of cleaning!

the basement was our biggest task! when we moved in, we knew that we would eventually remodel the space, so we threw a whole bunch of stuff down there and promised ourselves that we would ultimately get it organized. well, that time was now. ugh. it wasn’t hard but time consuming!! we are super happy with how it cleaned up…it usable, but we can’t wait until we really can make it an awesome playroom down there! so, as of right now, it will do. it’s all cleaned up and now the kids have a play area!

anyhoozle, what a tangent i was on {it was a much needed rant!}! so, for olive’s party, i mostly bought the decorations…although it kills me to do so. ya know i love crafting and making everything myself but with soooo much going on, time is money and i had no time, so i spent the money 😉 everything i purchased, i can make but since i was stressed for time {so click, click, click and buy i did}, i saved it by just purchasing what my creative mind wanted to do. besides, if i do have any free time, i love spending it with my olive…just chillin’, getting hugs and kisses, and giggles is priceless!

so, some of the decor…i ended up making myself because 1. either i couldn’t find what i needed/wanted 2. it was too late to order anything to get it on time! i needed paper rosettes to decorate certain areas for olive’s party and i couldn’t find them so easily…isn’t that cray?! online, yes, but in store…no. it was hard to find them. i thought i was in the twilight zone! c’mon…paper rosettes should be an easy find and buy!

alas, that wasn’t the case so i ended up making them on my own. besides, i was then able to get the colors i wanted and the quantity i needed!via

1. i chose a packet of paper card stock in five shades of pink. card stock is a bit difficult to work with, i would use a lighter weight paper but i couldn’t find the size or color i needed in a thinner paper. it just makes it a bit more tough to fold.


2. fold the paper {long length} in half inch folds, back and forth, to form an accordion style.


3. fold the entire piece of paper until it’s all an accordion fold, don’t worry if it’s not perfect…any flaws will be hidden or not noticeable.


4. fold the paper in half.


5. tape the inside fold sides together.


6. your paper, once taped, will look like a fan.


7. repeat with another piece of paper and attach your fans together to form your paper rosette. you can do four fans and make a more dense rosette, but i chose to only fold two sheets of paper to from mine!


ta da! you have your pretty paper rosettes! so easy peasy, non?! you can also fold the paper long ways to make different sized rosettes; and depending on your party, theme, color scheme, you can make your rosettes in solids or patterns…no matter what, they will always look fabulous and add total pizazz to any party decor and ambiance!


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