pickles and ice cream baby shower

this cute little shower idea is to die for! i love how adorbs it is. such fun little details and delectable sweet treats to serve your guests.

i love how the theme plays off of stereotypical ideas of when a women is pregnant. pretty decor, fun theme, and very cute ideas! a pretty in pink party that would be entertaining for all your guests.

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[showers ahead! beautiful table spread]

i love the hanging parasols. such a whimsical touch to any event space. the gorgeous centerpiece is filled with my favorite flowers…garden roses and peonies. so beautiful and romantic. each setting has lovely light pink napkins, pink hobnob glasses, and champagne for each guest.

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[craving station]

how cool is this?! wine, ice cream, hot sauce, chocolate, pickles, fruit, sushi, and pasta. an odd mix that sounds so right…to a preggo lady! i remember the days when i was pregnant, if i wanted something to eat, i wanted it now. or i would eat the weirdest combos. for example, i would eat ice cream and then spicy doritos. yup. one after another.

or fruit was my biggest craving. i needed fruit everything. whether it was fruit juice, fruity gummy bears, fresh fruit, popsicles, whatevs. it always hit the spot! so, whether it’s what is pictured above that you display or whether you want to personalize it to the momma to be and her cravings…create a table spread that’s unique to her!

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[pickles and ice cream]

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[what are you craving for today?]

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[champagne for your guests…served in a lovely hobnob pink glass]

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[juice box for the mom to be]

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[strawberry and champagne cupcakes]

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[chocolate bars]

decadent cupcakes and bittersweet chocolates make for great endings.

this shower is so darling…i love all the feminine details and how cute the theme is! it’s a perfect idea for any momma to be. add in some savory entrees and voila, you have yourself a perfect baby shower.

{planned by karson butler events and photographed by anne robert photography}

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