spring break part 2

the second half of our vacation was filled with rain, intermittent sunshine, and sporadic warm temperatures.

on wednesday, after a homemade breakfast by the hubby himself, we decided to head back to the outlet mall. just hc and myself. last time we were there, it was a bit difficult to shop with all the kids. so we wanted to head back to really take a look at stuff, take our time, and get a chance to try things on. it was a lovely day and it was very nice to get a chance to spend some alone time together.

i got olive dressed and left her with gramma and papa to have a day at kiddie land! she had a great time with them while we were away having some fun adult time!

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[olive wearing corduroys due to the cooler temps and pretending to be shy]

after some shopping, we came back to relax. everyone kind of did their own thing that day, which was a change of pace. later on that afternoon, hc and i went on a walk with olive and jane. something we haven’t been able to do at all with the long winter that we have had!

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[a lovely, lovely walk on the beach…olive loves the ocean!]

after a stroll on the beach, we came back and i did an outfit change for miss olive. she had to get dressed up for her first time at a bar! her outfit du jour was a gift from grace marie herself!

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[sporting the outfit gracie gave her during the heintz’s baby shower]

our restaurant of choice was duffy’s. home of “world famous” burgers. a dirty little bar joint. it had lovely plastic chairs and bleached cleaned table tops. it had a very simple menu, burgers and chips…no fries! i ordered the mushroom swiss burger and a side of potato salad. yummy…but i wouldn’t call them world famous. i’d call them good burgers.

olive was a hit at the bar. a lot of the patrons just adored her, how could you not love a baby in a cute outfit like that?!

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[duffy’s tavern…world famous burgers]

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[olive’s first time at a bar! she was most interested in sophie]

after dinner, we came back to the house to…guess what?! yesss, relax. we got comfy and chilled. olive was so relaxed that she found it super funny pooping while sitting on daddy’s lap! so classic and i’m so glad we snapped a pic of that special moment!

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[olive literally pooping on daddy’s lap with a very content smile on her face]

on thursday, it was olive’s four month birthday! yay! papa always insists on having cake on olive’s special day. so that morning, we had a breakfast coffee cake to celebrate! i also dressed the little peanut up and shot her four month photos! i love my cutie pie.

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[olive’s four month photo on vacay]

this day, we had tickets to the pittsburgh pirates and new york yankees pre-season game, thanks to aunt wendy.

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[exhausted from her all day birthday celebration at kiddie land with grandma and grandpa]

it was raining from the moment we woke up, but we were on track to go to the game. we bundled up {it was much colder than i thought…such a bummer since we were going to be sitting outside! the weather report lied to us! it was suppose to be 70 and sunny!} and headed out to the field.

we got there and right away, we had to get our hot dogs and beer! after noshing on our bites, we headed into the stands to find our seats. we sat there in the rain, watched them play ball, and ate a lot of junk food. an american classic outing. after a few hours, we decided to head out but not before we perused the souvenirs shops.

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[me and gracie trying to keep warm and dry at the pirates and yankees game]

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[classic – baseball and hotdogs]

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[rich and grace]

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[go cubs go!]

we then ran into an area where they were selling memorabilia and auctioning off baseball souvenirs. missy was eyeing a ryne sandberg autographed framed photos and rich was interested in a ron santos signed baseball.

the starting bid for the ball was small, so rich decided to bid on it. missy decided not to buy the ryne sandberg frame so hc and i decided to buy it for her! it would be an early birthday/christmas gift! i snuck off to buy it while rich led the group the other way. when they came back to the memorabilia area, we surprised her with it!

rich won the bid on the baseball, missy had her ryne signed frame, and we were ready to go home!

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[missy and rich attending the pirates and yankees game and going home with cubs memorabilia // an autographed ryne sandberg and an autograph ron santo ball]

once we got home, we were inundated with fun stories of olive’s great day with gramma and papa! they ‘took’ olive to ‘kiddie land’ {aka she rode ‘roller coaster’ rides on a blanket pulled across the floor! so cute!}.

missy, jane, and wendy decided to go for a walk and then sit outside at the bar and have a drink. i debated on going with them but decided against it. it was a bit too chilly for me to sit outside…walking outside, yes, but not sitting. so they left for their walk, while the kids, rich, and papa were at home.

rich and i decide ourselves to go on our own walk with little miss olive. it was so lovely! we had such a great time walking through the neighborhood and checking out the local shops {knick knacks, surf shops, restaurants}. we found some fun ornaments, magnets, and shoes to buy! it was so awesome to walk around, enjoy the weather, and spend some alone time with hc and olive!

while we were at the surf shop, hc found these awesome minnie mouse type sunglasses for olive! when we got home and walked through the door, i called out to jane. she came walking over and yelled in joy how cute olive looked in her new sunglasses! i agree…she is so cute!

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[i wear my minnie mouse sunglasses at night]

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[look at those cheeks!]

instead of heading out to a restaurant to eat for dinner, we decided to order food from skinny’s. after placing our order, missy and hc drove over to pick up our food. it was quite yummy but you definitely don’t stay skinny eating from skinny’s!

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[dinner from skinny’s]

on our last full day of vacation, again the weather was not good beach weather, so we decided to check out the northern part of the island. i was super excited when jane presented to me that morning the onesie that i gave them for mother’s day last year! she had brought it with her on vacation! i gave her that shirt on that celebratory day last year to announce i was pregnant with little miss olive! i was so excited for her to wear it…it was her size, perfect timing!

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[gramma brought the onesie i gave them. it was a baby announcement that i was pregnant, a gift for her on mother’s day! it looks perfect on olive!]

we drove up north to anna maria pier {which took 7 minutes from our beach house!} and walked the town and headed our way towards the pier. it was quite lovely walking it! after the pier, we found a restaurant to eat at, the waterfront.

olive was high maintenance during our lunch! she needed her diaper changed and there was no changer in the bathroom! that is so annoying! so hc and i walked around the corner {we were eating outside}, and put our portable changer on the sidewalk and changed the peanut! after that, she needed a feeding! so as usual, i fed her while i ate. we like to eat together 🙂

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[a walk on the pier]

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after walking the pier and eating lunch, we wanted to walk the area…there were a lot shops to look at! half of our group got tired out. so jane, missy, and i decided to stay and continue to shop. we had a really great time! there were a lot of cute island shops to look at.

the last store we looked at, i found some really, really cute stuff for olive! there was this darling animal swaddle blanket from angel dear. it was their farm yard swaddle…so charming! i had to have it for her! i also purchased this beautiful wood puzzle toy for her. i am obsessed with wood toys and especially this brand of toys. it reminded us of a banyan trees in florida!

after shopping the town, we headed back to the car and took the short car ride home to the house. olive was up and doing some tummy time…isn’t she’s so darling?! before our hodge podge of a dinner {clearing out the pantry before we headed home meant a mixed bag of goodies for supper!}, hc and i decided to go for a final walk around the island. we strapped olive in her carseat, took out the stroller, and enjoyed a very serene, beautiful walk around the area {being at the beach and ocean is so gorgeous!}.

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[olive doing some tummy time…so adorbs]

when we got back, we finished packing for our trip back home and snacked on very random food for dinner! we woke up very, very early the next day and packed up the rest of our goods and headed to the airport. so sad…bye bye anna maria island, it was a very good time!

olive was a doll on the plane ride back! she fed, she slept, and she cooed. when we landed, it was home sweet home chicago! annnddd it was cold! yuck!

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[olive on the plane ride home…so cute!]

it was quite bittersweet, we were so happy to be back and sad to not be on vacation anymore! it was a wonderful week, lots of relaxing, shopping, and exploring…the beach and ocean were amaze. thanks dick and jane for an amazing get away! we love you both so much!

ta da! that wraps up our spring break trip! until next year!


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