easter sunday

it was a whirlwind week!  gosh, it went by so fast!  i was so happy hubby charming was home {yay!}.  i was excited it was almost easter.  i was glad it was holy week.  it was a whole lotta church this week {whoa}!

not much else going on this past week but going to mass every night.  the easter vigil was a beautiful service and it is always so exciting to see people baptized or confirmed into the catholic religion.

our easter sunday was filled with a lot of eating + traveling.  first on our agenda, picking up miss grace.  we traveled up north, got the little lady, and traveled back down south to meet my family for brunch.

the brunch was delicious!  we ate at the reel club.  a brunch buffet filled with a variety and copious amounts of eats {what it should be like, right?!}.  from endless amounts of seafood, kids food, breakfast, lunch, and yummy desserts choices {the chocolate mousse cups were divine!}.  i personally chose a menage of breakfast treats.  the croissants were delish!  so buttery and flaky!  who can pass up bacon and flavorful breakfast potatoes?!  not moi!

after a fun filled time {crazy nephew antics included!}, we headed back to kim + terry’s for some more family time and photos.  after a quick hang out, lots of gifts for grace {holy easter baskets! lucky gal!}, we embarked on our next adventure ~ to hubby charming’s parent’s house we went!

we met up with the fam as they were enjoying their brunch meal.  we sat, we chatted, we nibbled, we hung out.  it was relaxing and calm.  it was great to catch up with hubby charming’s side of the family.  grace played with daniel, aj, jake and she ate a lot of candy {oh boy}, there was no monitoring of that!  it was a free for all {hey, it’s the holiday for the kiddo}.  after much imbibing + noshing, the family soon trickled out one by one.

as everyone dissipated,  aunt wendy really wanted to play farkle.  yes, that wasn’t a misspelling, you read that correctly…it’s called farkle.  i’m sooo not a game player.  it’s not because i don’t have fun, it’s because i just don’t like learning how to play, amongst other reasons {hehe}.  lazy, non?  anyhoo, aunt wendy assured me that it was easy, and yes it was!  i was completely amused and had a lot of fun!

soon, it was just the four of us; me, rich, dick and jane {grace’s step-dad so graciously picked her up from grandma’s, phew! one less road traveled for us!}.  we chit chatted until the early evening and finally hit the road to our journey back home…a long, traffic filled journey {ugh!}.

all in all, it was a marvelous day!  a day filled with family, laughter, fun, yummy eats, tons of candy, and lots of love.  i hope everyone’s easter was just as great!

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[flowers from daddy // basket by us // hat by grace]

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[opening frenzy]

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[r’s clown hair]

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[leather sperry’s + b’s chubby feet]

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[silly b // he kept asking everyone “can you see me?!”]

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[love my family // just missing huy]

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[grace + thuy // such a great gift, thanks t!]

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[awww <3 cousins]

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[the creepy lamb cake // um, it was delicious]

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