caramel apples

we love getting festive! so in celebration of halloween, i decided to use up the rest of the apples from our apple picking excursion and make caramel apples! yum!

it’s so easy and simple. just grab a few bags of your favorite candies or toppings, a few tubs of marzetti’s caramel sauce, lollipop sticks, wax paper, and your pretty much set!

first, remove any stems from the apples and then take the lollipop sticks and push it down the center, about a quarter of an inch or so. i warmed the caramel in the microwave in increments of 10 seconds to get it soft, easy to use, and coat. once the caramel is warmed up, i then take each apple by the stick and run it around in circles and coat it from top to bottom. i placed the apples onto the wax paper to run off the excess.

after i coat each apple, i then tear another sheet of wax paper to sprinkle the apples with yummy flavors. this is the fun part! i decided to coat my apples this year with reese’s pieces, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate toffee bits, and mini m&m’s! yum! you can use candy sprinkles, oreo cookies, peanut butter chips, anything your sweet tooth desires!

once i coated each apple, i then set each one into the fridge to harden just a bit; it only takes 15 minutes or less. after they chilled for awhile, i bagged each candy apple in a cellophane bag and tied it with a twist tie and voila! you’re done!




[for some reason, the sticks were so difficult to punch in!]


[just chill in’…hardening the caramel // graham cracker, m&m’s, chocolate toffee, reese pieces]


[the final product! yummmmmm]

there ya go my lovies! caramel apple deliciousness. i love making these every year. it’s so easy, fun, and everyone loves a good candy apple! i love gifting these to friends and family! a perfect autumn treat.


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