oh, sweet baby. yes, she was adorable, darling, and oh so tiny!!

beautiful brooklyn is an absolute doll. we were so elated to have finally met her. we arrived at their house, walked in, and we were greeted right away by bruster, kim, and brady. after hugs and hello, i immediately asked where the little babes was. kim directed me to the bouncy in the living room and i was in love. she was so tiny, fragile, and sweet.

i was a little nervous about holding her only because within the last six months, olive has been so crazy upset with me holding any of my friend’s baby! so, there i was, ready to hold the precious little bundle and side eyeing olive at the same time. i picked up little brooklyn in my arms and olive didn’t blink an eye. she continued on, i think she was more excited at all the toys in their house! sweet! i could finally hold a baby! hallelujah!

[she walked in like she owned the place]

[sweet little brooklyn]

[holding little brooklyn]

kim and i caught up on life’s latest happenings. i love hanging out with this gal. from the moment we met, we have always had something to gab about. seriously. we can talk and talk and talk. it must be my friend qualification, a prerequisite. hahaha! if you can blab from one subject to the next, you are destined to be my friend!

around noon, we prepared the kids lunch and ordered ours. olive and brady ate together and then kim and i had our lunch. i must say, these kids were cracking me up. it is so amusing to watch them together. brady and his wild ways and olive and her stoic actions. after an hour or so, they finally were meshing together! that is when all the cuteness ensued! it was so fun to see them in action and how they vibe off of one another. olive became more animated and loud and brady become a little bit more subdued and more open to olive. kim and i had the best time watching them interact.

after several hours of hanging out {we only parted ways because it was nap time for both our kids}, we packed ourselves up to go. i was sad to leave. we greatly enjoyed our time with them and their newest addition, beautiful brooklyn.

[beautiful mama and babe]

[such a silly girl! she loved the tent!]

[such a cute pic of them!]

[me, brooklyn, and kim]

[this was tooooooo cute. hugging and kissing each other goodbye]

we had the best time visiting the new family of four! congrats kim, mikey, and brady! brooklyn is so perfect and precious.


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