happy two months ellie

happy two months!

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[photos taken on 9.15]

height: 22.75″

weight: 10lbs 14oz

oh girl! you’re two months already?! where is the time going? you are growing up so fast! i can’t believe how different you are, already. be still my heart.

you’re sleep digressed a bit after one month but picked back up to a regular routine in the last two weeks. thank the Lord because we are so spoiled and i don’t think i could handle all those sleepless nights like other parents {olive was terrible the first four weeks and got into her routine after that!}. gah! you are solid throughout the night. you will pull in a good 6-8 hours straight! woo hoo! we try to keep you awake from 6 pm and on. we try really, really hard to get you to sleep by 10-11pm and you will be sound for the rest of the night. sometimes you will wake around 4, feed, and sleep until 7-8 o’clock. let’s pray that you continue to be so consistent every night until you’re an adult!

one thing i forgot to mention last month was the fact that you don’t like to be swaddled. probably from the second week here and on. you slept just fine & have ever since you were home, not being wrapped up all tight! i think we swaddled olive every night up to 4 months, hoping she’d stay fast asleep but you’re a rock star sleeper with not being wrapped up like a cocoon .

you pretty much eat every 2-3 hours still. i think i said this before but nursing the second time around is so different. you know so much more, you are more comfortable, you understand your body better, and i am so much more relaxed. i wish i could say that you stopped upchucking your milk but alas, that is still your thing. oh em gee. after you eat, it’s like…wait, wait, wait for it…puuuuuuuuke. there are days i hope i can catch it with the burp cloth and there are days where you are so stinkin’ sneaky and it throw it at me when i am not looking. i have never done so much laundry in my life. i change my clothes constantly, i change you constantly, and i always think i never have enough burp cloths. they are always drenched in milk and other fabulous body fluids. yuck.

you are starting to ‘talk’ back. it’s the cuuuuuutest thing! you recognize people, you perk up when you hear familiar voices, you smile at your mama alllllllll the time! i am so in love. i can’t even take it when you coo back and respond to me! it’s the best feeling in the world, it makes me so happy to see you growing! your smiles and facial expressions are so fun to watch and i can just stare at you for hours…well, actually i do. hahaha!

it means so much to her to have us around. if we leave her in her swing or dock a tot and walk away, it makes her very upset. she loves it when we are sitting right next to her, she loves it even more when she is by her sister. she loves looking and listening to olive. it makes you happy. ditto for olive…she is so in love, overprotective, and oh so sweet towards you. you love to be held, you love to be touched, and you love having your sweet little family right by your side. it’s so apparent in your reactions…i hope that is how you will always feel.

you have kept your hair, your double chin is out of this world, your cheeks have grown exponentially but it’s all not as big as your belly. your belly is so beyond ginormous! it’s sooooo stinkin’ cute! i love your little thigh rolls, your pointy little nose, and your sweet. sweet eyes. i try my best to soak in all your features, reactions, & sweetness because i don’t want to forget, take for granted, and miss out on all your baby goodness.

those moments are so so precious and that is truly what life is about right now. my family, the moments together, my girls, my husband, and life in the moment because you can’t take back that time and should savor every moment God has given to us. life is too beautiful to waste it.

happy two months my baby girl. it’s been the most fabulous two months since your debut and we are so blessed to have you here.


happy one month ellie!

happy one month ellie!

via tandeminlove.com

[photos taken on 8.15]

height: 21.5″

weight: 9lbs 7 oz

oh my goodness! i can’t believe ellie is one month old. whaaaaaa! it’s already flying by too fast! i am so sad…really i am. i want to savor every single moment with this precious babe. i love looking at her, smelling her, holding her, and thinking about her future. it’s all so overwhelming for me because she is our last babe and so i am highly emotional over everything.

well, she’s an eater! i am doing much better this time around with nursing and producing milk. i know so much more and i am more comfortable…so it is more relaxing for me! i loooooove her chubby cheeks…they have gotten chubbier by the week so she is gaining weight quite nicely. ellie eats every 2-3 hours but unlike olive, ellie is a spit-er! she has reflux and vomits everywhere, all day long. this girl is very gassy! she toots and spits like it’s her full time job. olive rarely spit up or vomited {therefore we didn’t do a ton of laundry with olive like we do loads with ellie!}, ellie acts like linda blair from the exorcist! hahaha! i pretty much do laundry every other day.

ellie is a great sleeper. she is pretty solid. she’s pretty calm and docile until she needs a diaper change, a feeding, or is struggling to fall asleep {since babies can’t fall asleep on their own…it’s a learned behavior!}. otherwise, she will sit around and look cute! she is still waking up one or twice in a night for a feeding…it depends on last feeding and her sleep pattern before we hit the sack. when she wakes up to feed, she usually will go back to sleep. there are certain nights where i have to rock her back to sleep but that is usually an hour or less…although i absolutely dread it when i am beyond exhausted. overall, this babe will sleep for 2-4 hours, be awake for an hour or two, then fall back asleep. that is pretty much her routine…eat, sleep, poop, throw up and repeat.

let me also say that she is such a noisy sleeper! holy cow! it’s like a noisy train laying by our side. she loves to grunt, holler, cry, snore, you name it…ellie does it! it’s soooo funny to listen and watch her. she is so stinkin’ loud.

just in the last week, ellie has become very alert. you can see it in her eyes. instead of a glazed over look, you can tell that she notices you and becomes attentive to what she is looking at. she is starting to mimic my facial expressions and is slightly, just slightly cooing. so that is a great sign that she is wanting to ‘talk’!

you can already tell that she is becoming mesmerized by her big sister. whenever olive is around, ellie is fixated on her and loves to watch her big sister, olive, do the crazy things she loves to do! it’s so sweet to watch! i can’t wait until they can really interact!

happy one month baby girl! we are so excited to see you grow and can’t wait to see what millstones you will hit next month!